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If you are an apprentice with statutory rights as a young person, you receive a grant under the same rules as those in upper secondary education, with certain exceptions.

You may only receive a housing grant if

you apprenticeship salary is below the income limit, and you meet at least one of the requirements below:

  • The distance between parental home and your in-service training establishement is more than 40 kilometres, or
  • You spend more than three hours per day travelling between your parents’ home and your in-service training establishement, or
  • There are conditions that prevent you from living at home

These conditions must so severe that you will have problems completing your education if you have to live at home.

Apprentices are not entitled to grants for course materials

As an apprentice you no longer receive a grant for course materials, as you did when you attended upper secondary school.

Very few apprentices receive income-dependent grants

An income-dependent grant is a grant to pupils from low-income families. Among other things, the size of the grant you are entitled to depends on your apprenticeship salary. The limit to how high your apprenticeship salary can be and still receive an income-dependent grant is so low that very few apprentices qualify.

You receive payments for 11 months

Apprentices receive grants for 11 months per year, as opposed to pupils in ordinary upper secondary education who only receive grants for 10 months. You may receive a grant from August to June, but you must still remember to apply every year.

Statutory rights as a young person

Most apprentices have statutory rights as a young person.

To the application

Do you have a very low apprenticeship salary?

Some very few
receive an extra grant

If you have an apprenticeship salary of less than approximately NOK 5,600 per month and you come from a low-income family, you may be entitled to an income-dependent grant.

The grant is means-tested against the apprenticeship salary

In order to receive an income-dependent grant as an apprentice, your parents must have an income below the limits in the regulations, and your apprenticeship salary must be very low.

For every krone you earn for apprenticeship salary, 60 øre is deducted from the amount you may receive as income-dependent grant. This means that if you have an apprenticeship salary of more than approximately NOK 5,600 per month, you are not entitled to the grant.

Read more about income-dependent grants.

Are you above the age of 18 and want to take out a loan?

You may borrow up to
NOK 3,399
per month if you live away from home

If you are above the age of 18 and don’t live with your parents, you may borrow up to NOK 3,399 per month.

The loan is not means-tested against income. This means that you can receive the loan regardless of how much you or your parents earn.

The loan must be repaid

This is a loan you must repay. When you no longer receive grants and loans from Lånekassen, interest accrues on the loan and you must repay it. You must pay the entire loan plus interest, but you repay it in monthly instalments.

How to apply

There is no separate application for loans. When you apply for an ordinary grant and check the box indicating that you are living away from home, you are asked if you also want to apply for a loan.

Do you have children?

You may receive extra
loans and grants
if you have or get children

If you have children while studying, you may be entitled to additional loans and grants.

Parental grant in the event of birth or adoption

If you have children while studying, your basic support and additional loan for school fees may be converted to a grant for up to 49 weeks.

Child grant

If you have children below the age of 16, you may qualify for an additional grant. If you have several children, you receive more in grants. The child grant is means tested, which means that the amount is reduced if the family has income or assets in excess of the limits stipulated in the regulations. If you are a part-time student, you also get a smaller amount.

Additional loans

You may also borrow NOK 51,150 extra per year when you have children below the age of 16, with an upward limit of NOK 102,300 in total. Income and assets have no impact on whether you can receive an additional loan. But if you are a part-time student, you will be given an offer to borrow a smaller amount.

Read about children and childbirth

When unexpected things happen

When something happens in your life or in your studies, it may impact what you are entitled to receive from Lånekassen, either now or later.