Lånekassen’s Appeal Board

The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research has appointed an appeals board to which Lånekassen decisions can be appealed.

Lånekassen’s Appeal Board’s interpretation and application of the regulations will provide guidance for Lånekassen’s future processing of similar cases.

Appeals deadline and proceedings

In the event that Lånekassen has made a decision that you believe to be incorrect pursuant to the regulations, you may submit a signed, written appeal to Lånekassen. You must lodge the appeal within three weeks of receiving notification of the decision. You cannot appeal the regulations, only their application.

Members of the Board

Members are appointed for a term of three years at a time, with the exception of pupil and student representatives, who are appointed for a term of one year at a time.

Member Position
Biørn Bogstad Chairperson
Ida Helene Braastad Balke Deputy Chairperson
Arild Riege Deputy Representative
Jens Kristian Øvstebø (NSO) Permanent Student Representative
Lucie Myrheim (EO) Personal Deputy Representative

Secretary to Lånekassen’s Appeal Board

Fredrik Wie

Lånekassen’s Appeal Board Meetings

Meeting dates for Lånekassen’s Appeal Board Spring 2023.

  • Friday 3. February
  • Monday 27. February
  • Monday 27. March
  • Monday 24. April
  • Monday 29. May
  • Monday 19. June