How to apply

Sist oppdatert: 19.05.2020

Online application

Apply for funding as soon as you get accepted to the study you want to take. Apply online from Remember to either enclose any required attachments electronically or send them in the post as soon as you have applied.

In order to apply you have to log on to the application with MinID. Read more about MinID; what codes to use and how to register.

Online application for upper secondary education is available from when you accept your placement offer.

Application form

There are two applications, one for upper secondary education and one for all other studies and educations.


Before applying for financial support you must have

  1. a letter of admission from a Norwegian educational institution (hand in your fund application at the school)
  2. Norwegian personal identity number (personnummer) which you will need to fill in the application form

Dine sider ("Your pages") - personal information

  • find out how much you have been allocated in grants and loans
  • find out how much you owe
  • order brochures, application forms and giros