Application for an additional loan for tuition fees for online studies in EEA countries

This is what you are applying for

This application is used to apply for tuition fees for programmes of study. You cannot apply for basic support, other grants or loans for this type of studies


When applying for support for programmes of education abroad for the first time, you need to submit:

  • A certificate from an upper secondary school or other form of confirmation that shows that you have achieved general study competence in Norway (only if you will be studying outside of the Nordic region).
  • An unconditional offer from the educational institution.
  • Confirmation from the educational institution showing how much you will have to pay in tuition fees.

If you are already studying abroad and will be continuing your studies, you must have submitted the Annual Check form for the previous academic year.

Assessment time

You will receive a response or notification of the application’s status within 24 hours.

The application is not available on Dine sider immediately, but if you have received a receipt, we have received your application. You will also find information about the estimated processing time for your application at Dine sider.

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