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Vi lyser ut IT-stillinger i hele Norge

Vi er på jakt etter de beste teknologene i Norge, og som tidligere bryr vi oss heller ikke nå om hvor du bor.

Help us make education possible

The purpose of Lånekassen is to make education possible! In order to achieve this, we have committed and talented employees who collaborate closely across disciplines.

Approved apprenticeship business

Lånekassen is approved as an apprenticeship business within the field of office management and administration. If this is of relevance to you, you are welcome to apply for our apprenticeships when we announce them. You can find an overview of public sector apprenticeships and application forms at

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What is it like working at Lånekassen?

Read what four employees have to say about jobs and careers at Lånekassen.

We offer

Lånekassen offers flexible working hours with the option of taking time off in lieu of pay. During the period from 15 May to 14 September, we operate summer hours and the working day is slightly shorter.

Employees may spend up to one working hour per week exercising.

Exercise rooms are available at all of our premises. Additionally, we also offer various group exercise activities throughout the year, such as boot camps, table tennis tournaments, football, walking groups, cross-country skiing and running, swimming, yoga and “Use your feet” initiatives.

All employees are members of the Government Pension Fund and 2 percent of gross salary is therefore deducted for compulsory premium contributions.

Lånekassen aims to be a preferred workplace that promotes both professional and personal development. We are conscious of future skills requirements and the correct use of expertise and we work to develop employees in line with evolving objectives and needs.

You will be given a comprehensive training period with a mentor when you join Lånekassen. As a new employee, you will also participate in an induction meeting, at which you will meet other new colleagues from the whole organisation. Furthermore, you will have appraisal meetings with your manager, during which duties and skills development will be scheduled and assessed. We have a constant focus on being a learning organisation that interacts and shares and this is facilitated both digitally and organisationally.